Home wine making is often ruled by a secret cabal of failed professionals and mouth breathing idiots. I however have my own hidden agenda. In the mean time have a look at these processes that can be used in a number of ways across differing recipes. Its constantly under construction so advice, corrections and requests are always appreciated.

COLD SOAK/MACERATION Giving your fruit a cold bath could help extract flavour, colour and aromas for your wine.

USING OAK CHIPS Oaking wines can easily create a more complex taste particularly  dry red wines.

OXALIC ACID AND PRECIPITATED CHALK Removing escess oxalic acid with precipitated chalk/calcium carbonate in wines such as rhubarb or apple.

TANNIN How to control tannin in fruit wines.

CREATING BODY IN FRUIT WINES Adding weight and mouth feel in non-grape wine recipes

SUGAR A quick guide to sugars in fruit wines.

KILLING VINEGAR FLIES At Haloween Vincent Price popped by with tips on removing vinegar flies as you make wine.