ELDERBERRY – 4.5 litres

SUITABLE YEAST – R56, Lalvin R2, D80, D254, Bergundy

2kg elderberries
3.5L water
1kg sugar to 1.09SG
Juice of a lemon
1tsp pectolase
1tsp yeast nutrient

Notes – Skins can be reused easily for a “second run” wine

1. Freeze the elderberries and then cold soak for 5 days in fridge in 2L or so of water with campden tablet.

2. On 4nd day of elder soak, boil the rest of the water to sterilize, leave to get to room temperature. Mash the berries and combine the next day.

3. Add pectic enzyme and lemon juice leave for 24 hours

4. Add sugar to 1.09SG then the yeast

5. Primary ferment to SG 1.02

6. Squeeze juice and filter into demijohn and rack after 1 month then another 2 months

7. Age for 6 months minimum then stabilise and back sweeten to your preference

8. Bottle

Needs at least 12 months from pitch to pop but 24 would be better.