Blueberry wine – 4.5 Litres

Yeast  – Vintners Harvest R56 or Lalvin 71B

Blueberry Wine 14 weeks
Blueberry wine at 13 weeks

1.8kg of blueberries

250g of raisins

4l water

1kg sugar – aiming for max 1.09 SG

half mug of tea

1 tsp. pectic enzyme

Juice of a lemon

1 tsp. yeast nutrient



1. Freeze the berries and raisins to break the cells, then cold soak for 5 days in fridge with as much of the water as you can with a campden tablet to kill any possible infections.

2. Wash hands thoroughly and crush the blueberries to release the flesh. Add pectic enzyme and leave for 24 hours to get to room temperature.

3. As this happens boil the remaining water to sterilize and leave to cool.

4, Combine and add tea, lemon juice and sugar to 1.09SG then the yeast and nutrient.

5. Leave in primary until at SG1.01 then squeeze again for juice and filter into demijohn.

6. Rack after one month then another two months. Age for a minimum of three further with oak chips if you can.

7. Bottle.

Nine months from pitch to pop but even better if left for a year or more.