BLACKBERRY – 4.5 litres

Suitable yeasts – R56, Lalvin R2, D80, D254

2.25kg elderberries
3.75L water
1kg sugar to 1.09sg
1tsp yeast nutrient
Juice of 2 lemons
1tsp pectolase

9 month old blackberry wine

1. Pick and wash the backberries. Bring to boil with as much water as you can, pick out any grubs, leave to get to room temperature.
2. Add pectic enzyme and lemon juice leave for 24 hours.
3. Add sugar to 1.09SG then the yeast and nutrient.
4. Primary ferment.
5. Squeeze juice as much as possible and filter into demijohn and rack after 1 month then another 2 months.
6. Bulk age for at least 6 months then bottle.

Can be drunk after 6 months, tastes great at 12 and amazing at 18.