Seville Orange Wine – five days old

Orange wine is a term for a white wine where the grapes are left macerating longer than usual so that the colour becomes deeper and taste changes to be more honey like. This is not that. This orange wine is a wine made with oranges.

I am at a loss as to what to make this winter so I have decided on Seville orange and also a beetroot wine in a few weeks time. Seville oranges are only in season for a short period but there is no reason this cannot be a used for other citrus wines changing the approximate ratio of fruit. The citrus taste goes well with Thai food, sea food and pork so that will keep Ms Gazette happy when we pop one open in a years time… or perhaps not as many people hate it.


Many people just use fruit juice but I imagine the zest gives a more interesting flavour. Some omit the raisins and others substitute it for banana to give body instead. Check back in a year to see how it looks and tastes. The colour is apparently photosensitive so if you are making it keep it covered in darkness as much as you can even when bottled.



18 seville oranges

2 lemons

400g raisins

800g sugar (approximate to 1.09SG)

Half a cup of strong tea

3.5l of water

Yeast nutrient

CY17 yeast


  • If waxed wash the oranges and then use a peeler to zest half with as little pith as possible. Boil the zest for 15 minutes and throw in the raisins when it has 5 minutes to go. Leave to cool.
Stunt hand used
  • Juice all the oranges and the two lemons and pour into the cooled water then add 1tsp of pectolaise to break down the pectin and leave for 24hours.


  • Strain the liquid and then add the half cup of tea and top up to 4.5 litres with boiled then cooled water.


  • Stir in about the sugar to get it to 1.09SG then add the yeast and nutrient.


  • As no solids are present no stirring is really needed. Leave in primary fermentation and when it starts to slow rack into secondary with an air lock.
Fermentation begins
  • Rack when fermentation ends in about 5 weeks and again 10 weeks afterwards. Subsequent racks are only needed if there is a lot of sediment forming.


Drink a year after you started.



  1. Rather well. There is a link to the tasting. It has a savoury quality I was not expecting as it is usually a sweet flavour you expect from oranges. The flavour is decently complex and deep from the zest and this is more than just a curio now.


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