A drop of washing up liquid breaks the surface tension of left over lees – drowning pesky vinegar flies.

Hello there my pretties. Its Vincent Price here but you can call me the Prince Of Darkness. As a guest at the Novocastrian Vintners Gazette this Hallowe’en I would like to tell you a gruesome story. A story of murder.

The simple vinegar fly. Innocuous to many but a friend of mine. He is a frequent guest to those that drink and make wine. He means no harm and he is but a fly unable to hurt any one. But the crime he has been accused of is not of this corporeal realm but of the mind. His playful buzzing and wish to join the festivities drives many wine makers to distraction.

And madness.

It was one such occasion that a bedevilled and evil wine maker turned his devious invention to the destruction of our poor sweet vinegar fly. Turning that which he most loves against him. Taking some blood red lees left over he corrupted it with washing detergent and laid his dastardly trap in plain view. My darling vinegar fly innocent and care free took to the wine with merriment drinking till he could take no more.

He was unable to take off. His abilities to soar with witches and ghost stolen by the evil machinations of the demon wine maker. The surface tension thus broken he was trapped. Sinking into the elixir he drowned. His last fly breath uttering “why do you hate me?” as he sank.

So my darlings heed this warning. Never place a drop of washing up liquid into your left over lees as it shall surely drown fruit flies.


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