new bottles
2015’s label on the left with the Quince wine debuting the new 2016 label on the right.

After the horror show of the elderflower infection there has been some success bottling the first of this years wine. The quince was started just after Christmas and has had six months ageing in bulk and probably has another six until it is truly drinkable. Not to say that it is not ageing gracefully with a slight pink hue and a warm fruitiness. It has been fermented to absolute dryness with no back sweetening. The acidity is still too dominant but tannin has started to die down and mouth feel is good. I am confident this will be made next year and I may well up the production promoting it from the single gallon – 4.5 litres to the larger 10 litre demijohns making 13 bottles in total.

Quince just before botling with a subtle pink hue.

Quince is a winter fruit but the full recipe is here: QUINCE WINE RECIPE

This years labels are now designed too for an easy visual division between the 2015 to 2016 vintages for when I grab a bottle. Trying to get a 50s vintage look I made them quick and dirty from some card cut outs and photographed on my phone. I then went full teen girl on it with the photo editor changing hues, shadows and adding boarders but resisted adding hearts or dog snout. Each of this years wines has a differing colour set representing the various ingredients I have used. The back ground also changes between dark and light grey depending on the red or white wine behind.

The demijohn has now been freed up ready for either gooseberry, gooseberry sherry or blackcurrant wine to be started. The fruit available will determine which I choose though I think Ms Gazette wants the gooseberry started quick smart! Watch this space.


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